All their birthdays come at once for chef and his wife


Chef Junzhi Chen has never been more in love with his wife!

He married Wendy last year – and has now used her date of birth to help win him £40,000 from a £4 wager at Betfred.

Junzhi, 26, who lives with Wendy in Rugby, also picked his own birthdate for the remarkable winning bet on the 49s.

Betting online with Betfred, he went for numbers 15 and 12 as he was born on December 15, and 24 and 8 as his wife’s birthday is August 24.

All four numbers came up, winning him £20,000 from a £2 wager… but Junzhi did it twice in the same draw!

He said: “I just felt so lucky that day. I’ve been using the four numbers for quite a while.

“She didn’t believe it when I told Wendy what had happened, so I had to show her my account. Now we are going to go on holiday to Hong Kong and I will buy her some make-up and a handbag which she will want.

“It’s very exciting although I have been too busy working at a restaurant in Chester to celebrate properly.

“We’re going to go to Manchester’s Chinatown for a big celebration with friends and then I will get some lobsters in and we can have a big meal with the people I know at the restaurant in Chester.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “I don’t live far from Chinatown so I expect the invite in the post! Seriously, congratulations on a fine win for a Betfred regular who has proved you can hit the jackpot from such a small stake.”

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