Betfred punter snaps up £47,500 from £1.50 wager


A Betfred regular has lived up to his nickname Crocodile Dundee – snapping up £47,500 on the Irish Lottery!

Robin Mayles, a retired forklift truck driver from the Wirral, picked the numbers 9,16,21, 30 and 31  – and won on two tiny bets  totalling £1.50.

He had 25p that all five numbers would be drawn, which they were, winning him £37,500 … and as a consolation £1.25 that four would, which netted him a further £10,000.

Grandfather Robin, aged 68, who worked shirts for 25 years at Unilever, said: “It is just brilliant … it will pay for my new conservatory!”

Robin is a regular at the Betfred shop at Tranmere Urban Village, Old Chester Road, Birkenhead – near his home where he revels in his nickname from the Paul Hogan cult blockbuster (see artist’s impression, below).


“It is because I always wear a floppy safari style hat especially in the sun. It is like Crocodile Dundee’s hat except without the dangling corks.”

He went on: “The wooden conservatory is well past its best. I will use some of the money to replace it. I wanted it to be half brick and wood  but my wife wants it to be one of those plastic ones so guess which one we will be having!

“I checked the numbers on the Irish Lottery website and couldn’t believe I had won, so checked them again in the Liverpool Echo – and only then was I completely convinced. I switched from the National Lottery a few years back because the odds are better on the Irish.

I did however  stick with two of my original numbers, 9 and 21, which are based on birthdays – and you can imagine how glad  I am that I did.

“What am I going to do with my winnings? Well, once the conservatory is replaced I can think more about it. I’m quite happy to go to Greece as usual for my holidays and my wife isn’t one for wanting jewellery, being quite happy to just wear her wedding ring. “

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “You can’t get half a pint of beer for £1.50 never mind a new conservatory!  He might have taken a bite out of my profits but I’m delighted for this fella, who is quite a character in our shop.”


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