Death is Certainly Prosperous in the Ankh of Anubis Slot


It only seemed like yesterday Play’n GO released Doom of Egypt and Black Mamba and in a press release, rumours of a Christmas themed slot were put to bed with CEO John Törnqvist insisting that they wouldn’t be just “rushing out a game at this time of the year for the quick holiday win”, but in reality, they were working very hard on just that and shortly after, Xmas Magic was released. But we’re not here to focus on the magical festivities of the hushed-up slot, we’re here to take a look at two other surprise slots

…Chronos Joker and Ankh or Anubis. If the developer does one theme well, it’s the ancient Egyptians and Ankh of Anubis is slightly darker than we’ve witness with previous releases (if that’s possible). Based around Egyptian mythology, the game focuses on a God, but this time the God of death who ruled over his kingdom for centuries.

The action unfolds across a unique diamond-shaped reel engine where there are 3 symbols on reel one, 4 on reel two, 4 on reel three, 4 on reel four and 3 on reel five – it’s a 3, 4, 4, 4, 3 formation slot delivering over 700 ‘pay ways’ rather than win lines.

Johan Törnqvist spoke about the need to be creative with these kinds of games: “Egyptian themed slots are very popular, and we are always coming up with new ideas, but the most important thing is not to keep releasing the same game over and over again. Each time we create a game with a theme we have used before we ensure that we improve by adding something newor upgrading what was done before.”

John continued: “Ankh of Anubis is a perfect example; we switched the focus of the game, used a new format for the grid and came up with a creative bonus spin feature, and players are going to enjoy seeing their favourite theme done in a new way.”

Time is of the Essence:

Chronos Joker is a 3-reel slot where players must utilise the powers of the main character to manipulate time and this can be achieved through a variety of entertaining features. This isn’t the first ‘joker’ themed slot from the Swedish software provider; Fire Joker, Star Joker and Mystery Joker have all proven to be popular online casino games, all of which boast multipliers for big wins.

The aim of the game is to discover how to win by manipulating the multipliers using the concept of time, but the features won’t only boost your winnings, they can reduce them too, making the game a race against time to make the most out of your wins.

“Chronos Joker is an exciting game, with several creative and unique features to enhance the player experience. Players are going to love the unique nature of this game and the excitement of finding their favourite feature, and that’s what it’s about for us, providing a high level of entertainment that players will love,” said John.


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