Roulette Bingo Premieres at Dinky


Have you ever wanted to try something new but never got around to it? Well now you can try to new things at once and get rewarded in the process! That’s right Fleas, not only will you receive an exclusive welcome offer for being one of our loyal readers, but you’ll also have the chance to play something totally unique!

I’m not sure if you’re aware but Dinky Bingo went live with us recently and they are proving to be extremely popular. The brand-new bingo establishment is pulling out all the stops to ensure every single one of you has a great time and this is achieved by daily perks and incentives as well as a huge selection of both bingo and games.

And talking of games, there is an unrivalled selection to tickle your taste buds…

…including the spinning bingo variant known as bingo roulette. Typically, when it comes to the types of bingo games offered, online bingo sites like to play it safe with 90-ball and 75-ball rooms, but we want more! I’m tired of playing the same old bingo games and many of you are too which is why you’ll find games with a difference here.


A Round of Fun:

Bingo roulette is my favourite game to play as it combines the thrills of the roulette wheel with a good old-fashioned game of bingo. Now, playing is simple despite its appearance and to be honest, Dinky Bingo could’ve added a little tutorial on how to play to make it even more appealing. Okay, so first thing’s first; your tickets.

Each ticket comes with a price tag of just 5p and you’ve the option of purchasing up to 96 in every game, although, we wouldn’t recommend it as it would set you back £4.80 every couple of minutes and that’s a lot of money to play through!

Bingo roulette is unique in every way; not only will you find no zero, but the numbers go from 1 to 52 and it doesn’t matter if they’re red or black. The only thing that counts here is the actual numbers. There is one prize per game but to add more entertainment value, there is also a minimum guarantee jackpot – just call house in the stated number of calls to scoop the extra cash.

To win is simple; match the five numbers on your ticket before anyone else to win and this is achieved by a ball spinning around the giant roulette wheel to the top of the screen. Enjoy all the sights and sounds of a typical roulette game with the added thrills of bingo!

Remember that exclusive offer I told you about? Well here it is; new customers who deposit £10 with code: BUMPER will receive £30 in bingo bonuses, 10 bonus spins and 5 free bingo tickets (worth £50) to the guaranteed £10K bingo game, when depositing just £10!

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