UK Bingo Player Scoops £50,000 in Cash on Unlucky Thirteen


I’ll set the scene; you’re playing bingo and your numbers seem to be coming out one after the other. Your heart pounds when you realise you’re waiting on just one number, but you realise it’s the dreaded number 13, known as an unlucky number in the bingo world, and in most circles for that matter. Thirteen has a reputation for not coming out. It keeps you waiting and waiting until someone calls house on a totally different number! You’re disappointed, but deep down you know it was never going to come out – well, that’s always how it happens with me anyway!

The number is unlucky for most people, but not for Kylie Preece, the 30-year old mum of three from Kidderminster, who recently scooped £50,000 on the number thirteen recently. Usually, Kylie would only play bingo at her local Shipleys bingo hall on a Thursday, but she had just been to visit her partner Dan’s grandad in hospital so called in on the way back, and I bet she’s doubly glad she did!

Your Number’s Up:

After 25 years playing bingo, she struck gold with the National Bingo Game on 25th July – the bingo game with 50 numbers and big cash. Talking to the local press, Kylie revealed that not only did she play on a day she never normally plays, but she also chose a different numbered electronic bingo board (Bee) than usual.

“I was counting down, saying four numbers to go, three numbers to go, two numbers to go, one number to go. The last number was my unlucky number 13. When I got a full house, I was screaming because I thought I’d won £128. Then someone shouted you’ve won the £50,000 jackpot and I didn’t believe them. I couldn’t walk, I had to sit down. I rang Dan and he didn’t believe me – I had to send him a picture of my numbers as proof.It didn’t feel real until the money went into my account on Wednesday. I had to send Dan out to check the money was really there.”

Imagine that! Calling house thinking you’d won £128 and realising you had won £50,000 on top! The lucky player and her partner have been together 4-years and plan to marry next year, but she insists the win won’t alter her wedding plans; “We’re happy with the wedding we organised so we don’t want to change anything. It’s a lot of money but it’s not going to be there forever. We weren’t going to go on a honeymoon but now we are – a relaxing beach break somewhere. I haven’t been abroad since I was four years old. We’re also going to surprise the kids with a trip to Disney Land Paris.”

Keep Calm and Carry on Daubing:

After winning the large sum of money, Kylie was back in her local bingo hall the very next day and won another prize; this time only £100, but that’s still decent.

Shipleys area manager, John Anderson, said: “I jumped out of my seat when I found out one of our customers had won the jackpot on the National Game. You have to get a full house in 16 numbers or less and Kylie got it in 14. It’s a life-changing amount of money, especially for a young couple, and we’re all so happy for them.”


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