Will the New Serengeti Kings be a Roaring Success? You Bet!


The iGaming industry is a fast-moving one. Think of it like a high-speed train going from A to B with no planned stops. NetEnt is very much what you call a leading player on this train – an award-winning one with so much talent it’s really rather scary.

As other software providers churn out slots like sweets on a conveyor belt, NetEnt likes to take their time to not only ensure they’re releasing the perfect game, but to make players quiver with anticipation.

This month, the Swedish software company are taking you to the plains of Africa in Serengeti Kings. A game packed with a roaring adventure and a unique bonus feature. Not only that, but it’s the very first game from the company to feature a buy-in option…

…why wait for the bonus spins to come to you when you can leap right in? The 5-reel, 26 fixed win line engine has been designed to keep players entertained with every spin. This is achieved via the guaranteed feature activation on every 12th spin. Cycling gameplay will see players alternate between lion spins and panther spins – both have the potential to award big wins.

Explore and Win:

Playing the game for the first time will see players launch daytime mode. The lion sitting to the top left will keep a track of your spins up to 12. During those twelve spins, any panthers appearing will be collected and placed into the panther meter to the top right. When you reach spin twelve, all those panthers are placed back onto the reels!

Now, the process continues again, only this time it’s night-time and the panther will count whilst collecting lion symbols. Land three moons to enter the bonus spins feature. Four or more moons will allow you to bring your gathered high paying symbols from the base game with you. Can’t stand the anticipation? You can buy directly into the bonus spins; but this will come at a cost.

There are ways to boost your big wins to even larger sums; keep your fingers crossed that when those lions or panthers are put back onto the reels, they’re done so in a way that they overlap each other. The more symbols on the same position – the higher that multiplier becomes.

“Serengeti Kings™ expertly combines classic graphics, innovative state-based mechanics that provide gameplay that continues to offer regular excitement over 24 spins. This makes for a slot experience that will keep players engaged and excited over multiple sessions.

We’ve listened to regulators and have made our unique Feature Buy smart configurable, so our operators have a flexible game to offer to all their markets. A big release for us, looking forward to the success this title will bring,” said Bryan Upton, NetEnt Director of Games.

Serengeti Kings will be available at all major NetEnt-powered bingo sites, as well as online casinos shortly.

Source: “NetEnt takes to the plains of Africa in Serengeti Kings™”. NetEnt. January 23, 2020.


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