20 New Missions and 20 New Prizes to Sink Your Teeth into at Cashmio. Discover How to Win Here

When it comes to missions, more often than not, the task set out before you is impossible to complete, which means you try and try and try again, but forget mission impossible, it’s mission POSSIBLE at Cashmio! Twenty new missions have been added to the mission list and this in turn means twenty new prizes to claim…

…but these are simple to complete with some fun thrown in too. No need to be a sleuth or a 007 fan, just an active account with funds in. Once you’re logged into your account, your current list of missions will appear; simply click the mission that appeals to you’re the most and you’re ready to go.

Top Secret:

The 20 new missions are being kept a close-guarded secret, so if you want in on the action, you need to complete the current missions in your account. To complete one, you just have to play according to the mission description, here’s an example of one of the new missions:

  • Mega Fortune – Chase the Jackpot: Spin 150 times on NetEnt’s ‘Life of Luxury’ progressive jackpot slot, to receive 15 bonus spins on Jack Hammer. Minimum bet 50p.

So, the above mission has two possible rewards; a shot at bagging that mega progressive jackpot and 15 bonus spins. The former is only going to happen if you’re extremely lucky, but the latter is guaranteed – should you complete the mission that is.

Despite there being many different missions, Cashmio only has three key elements, which are as follows:

  • Spin missions: Simply spin as many times as the mission card states, but you must be mindful of the minimum bet level – it must be the same or higher than the mission cards states.
  • Spin and win missions: During these missions you need to spin, and the outcome must be a win (any win will do) and you will move one step on the progress bar.
  • Big win missions: Get that big win you always dreamed about and get double awards. All you have to do is chase those big wins and the mission will be completed.

Progress Rewards:

You can take a break at any time; no need to go hell for leather with it. Once you have activated a mission, it will remain open until you complete it, whether you take a 30-minute break or a 30-day break! Progress will be saved until you open that specific game again, allowing you to continue where you left off.

Complete a mission and get rewarded with Benny the Bonus Managers (mascot) lovely bonus spins and cash coins. Plus, there’s stories circulating that a ‘mystery coin’ is hiding and whoever finds it can expect great things to come to them. Each day at midnight, all missions that have been completed will be removed from your itinerary and replaced with new ones…

…so, if you’re ready, your first mission should you choose to accept, is to sign up and claim the 50% welcome bonus!

Terms and conditions apply.

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