Balloons: They’re not just for kids you know!


balloons-latexIf you’re a mum chances are good that balloons, love them or hate them, have been a part of your life for as long as you can remember.

Holding them, hitting their friends with them, throwing them, or horror upon horror, popping them, kids love running round like bal-loonies at birthday parties and other festive occasions.

But why should kids have all the fun? Balloons can be a whole lot of fun for adults, too. So here are a few balloon games that will inflate some life into your next party.

Balloon Volleyball


A party just wouldn’t be a party without the appearance of some rubber. Sure to bring out the competitive nature of even the quietest party-goer, this icebreaker is great fun and entertaining. And it’s as easy as one, two, three.

  • Divide your guests into 2 teams – men vs. women is always fun!
  • One team serves by hitting the balloon over the string and the other team must return it without allowing it to hit the floor.
  • If the ball isn’t returned, the other team wins a point

*Tip – You might want to remove any precious ornaments from the room before playing. It could get messy!*


Balloon Chandelier


Balloon chandeliers make a beautiful and surprisingly elegant centerpiece to a room and are great for weddings or baby showers.

  • Gather 15-20 helium-filled balloons – these can be all the same colour (if you’re going for a stylish theme) or a range of colours (if you want a bright and colourful look).
  • Carefully tie a length of curling ribbon to the tied end of each balloon. If possible, keep the ribbon lengths equal.
  • Cluster the balloons in a close arrangement above your table and the guest of honour’s chair or in the centre of the party room.

*Tip – Hang the balloons up the other way if you can’t obtain helium balloons, instead sticking the end of the ribbon to the ceiling.

Balloon wreaths


Making a balloon wreath is a great way of using old, unwanted balloons of different shapes and sizes, and it’s a fantastic alternative to traditional Christmas wreaths.

You’ll need the following:

  • 12-16 inch polystyrene wreath
  • Roll of birthday streamer
  • 250 drawing pins
  • 250 ribbons of all different colours, shapes and sizes


  • Take the wreath base and cover in the party stream by wrapping it around and around. Pin the end of the streamer to make sure it stays secure.
  • Take a balloon, fold it in half and push a pin into the middle, sticking them to the covered wreath
  • Continue in a random pattern until the wreath is completely covered with balloons.

Finally, attach some pretty ribbons to the wreath and suspend from a door.

How festive does that look?

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