Bingo, Slingo or Slots? Which game suits you best


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Ever wondered if your favourite games might be a subtle
reflection of your personality? Have you thought about why you might be more
drawn to certain slots or one particular bingo room? We certainly have! So,
we’re going to break down just why that might be. Come take a look…

Are you a bingo bunny?

Bingo is perfect for those who love to make their budget go
far but play for the chance to win big prizes! Bingo at Mecca is all about
community and fun; so, if you’re totally outgoing and bit of a social
butterfly, bingo could be the game for you!

Our bingo players love a natter, they’re the first to congratulate fellow
roomies on a win and always look after less experienced players. If you’re new
to bingo, why not check out our perfect strategy

Veterans of the game will know all the latest bingo lingo. Whether
you’re new to bingo or are a dab hand at the chat already, we guarantee there
are plenty of things only
bingo players will understand

So, if you think bingo is a real reflection of you, which type of bingo player are you? The
chatterbox? The eyes-down-dabber? Take our quiz to
find out and share the results with your friends!

And I guess the last thing left to find out is which bingo room
your favourite is! Jump in and join our brilliant bingo games .

Or more of a slots fox?

Bingo not floating your boat? Then slots might be just your jam! Perfect for
players after fast fun, instant wins and much more of a thrilling pace.

Slots players tend to prefer flying solo than being social
butterflies, giving all their attention to the game. You might be a little more
impulsive, someone who prefers action over conversation and definitely a person
who likes to lead their own way and make their own decisions. Sound like you?

Don’t worry if you’ve never played slots online before,
we’ve got a full guide on everything you
need to know about slots

We’ve got over 400 slots and games at Mecca, as
well as some huge jackpot prizes. Come take a spin and pick your favourites!

Like a bit both?

Can’t decide between slots and bingo? Is your player profile somewhere between the
two? Well, have we got something for you!

Slingo is literally the combination of slots and bingo!
Slingo offers instant action as well as some more strategic decision-making. A
less social game than bingo, Slingo is played solo but retains the grid and
number-dabbing elements of 75-ball bingo.

Slingo has become super popular and we’ve got loads of great
Slingo bingo games
on offer at Mecca, including Big Money Slingo
, Slingo Rainbow
and Slingo XXXtreme!

Never played Slingo before? Don’t worry, here’s everything
you need to know about Slingo

Whether you’ve got a firm fave game of it depends on your
mood, there’s always something fun to enjoy at See you there!


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