Bonkers Bingo: All you need to know


What is Bonkers

If you haven’t already joined the
craze then fear not, there are tons of dates in the diary to grab hot tickets

Bonkers Bingo is a Mecca Bingo venue-hosted event. It’s a
fun-fuelled night of bingo (obvs), drinks, food, dance offs, mad games and so
much more. With big names to be seen and heard DJing at the coolest venues
across the UK, it’s time to get dressed up to the nines and make an evening of with
your best pals!

You name it, Bonkers Bingo has it. Ever wanted a unicorn costume? A space hopper? These, erm, gems are thrown in along with some cash prizes but the clue’s in the name. There ain’t no party like a Bonkers Bingo party.

People having fun at Bonkers bingo - Mecca bingo

What makes it so fun?

It’s sassy. It’s daft. It’s a bit of a thrill. Most of all, it’s fab entertainment. Think booming beats, yum snacks, shots, dancing and….drum roll….bingo as the main event. This isn’t your average bingo game. This is party bingo and believe us, you want to be here, where it’s happening. Mecca Bingo runs the best nights out and you’ll relive it for ages to come.

What can you expect at a Bonkers Bingo night?

Well, anything goes. Bring your best Bonkers Bingo game face
and watch as the action unfolds. Catch up with your mates (old and new), dance ‘til
you drop, knock back a glass or two (if you need some Dutch courage) and enjoy
the night. There’s something for everyone. If it’s your first time, welcome! How to play Bonkers Bingo
is simples and our hosts explain everything before each game starts so just
turn up and you’ll soon get to grips with how it works.

It’s party bingo time!

Bonkers Bingo is perfect for you if you….

Number 1: Love a party. Number 2: Love bingo.  Number 3: Love free-flowing drinks and food.
Number 4: Love music and cringy games. Number 5: Love a bingo party! What’s not to love?

How do I get tickets?

It’s super easy. All you have to do is check your diary for
a free weekend then choose where you want to go (Gateshead, Chester or Sheffield
float your boat?) from the live events diary page and buy your

Can’t get tickets or fancy joining in the fun at home? Bring
the bingo party to
your front door, with loads of online
to join in with.

Want to tell us about your fave Bonkers Bingo night?

Where was it? Why was it so mad? If you’re a Bonkers Bingo virgin,
now’s the time to kiss and tell. We want all the gory details and when and why
you’re going back for party
bingo! Old timer? Tell us your stories, we dare ya!


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