How to survive Paddy’s Day


St Patricks Day

He may be the patron saint of Ireland, but St Patrick’s Day
is celebrated all over the world. And given that we Brits like a drink, it’s no
surprise that we get stuck in here too.

Falling on 17th March, Paddy’s Day is a great opportunity to
meet with friends, have some fun, and maybe even enjoy a Guinness or two. Here
are our tips on surviving this most popular of Saints days.

Enjoy some traditional Irish grub

As well as enjoying a drink or two, why not use Paddy’s Day
as an excuse to try some of the delicious culinary delights Ireland has to

Warm yourself up with a traditional Irish stew, often made
with lamb or mutton, onions and potatoes. Or go really authentic with boxty – a
type of potato dumpling that can be fried or baked and served with bacon and

Guinness will be the tipple of choice for many on the 17th, but drinking it isn’t the only way to enjoy the black stuff. Look up a recipe for beef and Guinness stew, or keep an eye out for pubs offering steak and Guinness pies to get a taste of Ireland.

Wear green

Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle, and every year
millions of people don the country’s traditional colours to celebrate St


Head to Ireland this Paddy’s Day and you’ll find a sea of
green almost everywhere, while in places like Chicago it’s practically the law
to wear green on the big day. They even dye their river green in celebration!

In Britain we take a slightly more relaxed approached to
this tradition, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t find our best green outfit
and celebrate like a true paddy this year!

Find a place to celebrate

Given that most people will be hitting the town this St
Patrick’s Day, you can expect pubs and bars to be packed to the rafters. And no
one wants to spend their Paddy’s Day walking from busy pub to busy pub,
struggling to get in anywhere for a drink.

So, do a little research and planning before the day, and
find a good pub or event to go to and celebrate. Irish pubs will obviously be
going all out for the big day, but there are often events, parties and even
parades to get stuck into.

Kiss an Irish hunk

You can expect to hear a lot of the phrase ‘Kiss me, I’m
Irish’ throughout St Patrick’s Day – and you may even read it on a few T-shirts
and hats.

We’re not saying you have to follow this “tradition”, but
the Irish aren’t exactly known for being unattractive. All we’re saying is, if
Colin Farrell walks in asking for a kiss, we’re not going to say no!

Know your limits!

For lots of people, St Patrick’s Day obviously involves a
fair amount of drinking. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of merriment, but try
not to go too crazy! It won’t be much of a celebration if you have to go home
early, or if you don’t remember it the next day.

You’ll make the most of St Patrick’s Day if you
pace yourself, order pints of water now and again, and eat plenty of food. Trust
us, you’ll be pleased you did the next day! Now, where’s Colin Farrell?


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