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With Mecca Bingo clubs up and down the UK, we get to hear the very best of British accents, week-in, week-out – and we love all of them!

From the Scottish Highlands to the tip of Cornwall, every region is packed with distinct dialects, silly sayings and funny phrases. Here are just a few of our faves:

Geordie – Newcastle

Found on the streets of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and the
surrounding towns and villages, the Geordie accent has it roots in
working-class industry and mining. From the raucous noise of Newcastle United
fans, to fondly remembered shows like Byker Grove and Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, the
Geordie accent has made its mark on the country.

Fun Geordie sayings and slang

Am gannin yem, man! – Meaning: I’m going home!

Howay man, let’s get some scran, then gan doon toon
Meaning: Come on, let’s get something to eat and go to Newcastle

Shy bairns get nowt – Meaning: If you’re afraid to
ask, you won’t get anything.

Geordie celebs

Ant and Dec, Alan Shearer, Cheryl Cole, Love Island’s Amber

Struggle to understand the accent? You’re not the first!

Scouse – Merseyside and Liverpool

The word ‘Scouse’ originally comes from a stew favoured by
sailors, and the popular northern port would often welcome migrants from
Ireland and Wales, changing the local accent over time.

The nasal quality to the scouse accent is thought to have
developed because lots of people had lingering colds in Liverpool and people
new to the area copied the sound of it!

Fun Scouse sayings and slang

Alright la, keep ya kecks on – Meaning: OK mate, keep
your pants on/calm down

Let’s swerve that meeting and grab a bevvy instead
Meaning: Let’s avoid the meeting and go for a drink instead.

Eeee, it’s absolutely Baltic – Meaning: Crikey, it’s
very cold!

Scouse Celebs

The Beatles, Paul O’ Grady, Cilla Black, Steven Gerrard,
Claire Sweeney

Here’s Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp learning to speak in a scouse accent from a young fan

Mancunian – Manchester and Greater Manchester

The Mancunian accent might not be as radical as some on the list of English accents, but the
sheer number of musicians, actors and comedians from the region have made it one
of the most commonly heard on our TVs, across our airwaves and beyond!

Fun Mancunian sayings and slang

Make us a brew – Meaning: Make me a cup of tea

He’s alright, our kid – Meaning: My brother/friend is
a fine young man.

I went out on the lash and now I’m absolutely ‘anging
Meaning: I went out for a drink and now I’m really hungover.

Madferit – Meaning: I love it! 

Mancunian Celebs

Liam and Noel Gallagher, Morrissey, Caroline Aherne, Maxine
Peake, Jason Manford.

Funnyman Jason Manford comes from Salford, here he is entertaining the Royal Family!

Cockney – East London

Hailing from the capital, Cockney is one of the most
colourful English accents.
The accent is paired with Cockney Rhyming Slang – where words are rhymed and
replaced in a way that confuses foreigners and visitors from elsewhere in the
UK! With its east-end roots, Cockney is one of the most distinctive and easily
placed accents in the UK.

Fun Cockney sayings and slang

‘aving a giraffe ‘int ya? –
Meaning: You must be joking?

a butchers’
– Meaning: Let me have a look!

up the dog ‘n’ bone, will ya Steve!
– Meaning: Answer the phone, Steve!


Burke, Michael Caine, Barbara Windsor, Danny & Danni Dyer, Micky Flanagan

Cockney comedian Micky Flanagan can even show you how to walk like a Cockney!

Scottish – Scotland

Scotland into one accent might be a little unfair, but we couldn’t just pick
one! The Gaelic flair of Scottish transforms the tongue – from the sing-song
tones found near the border, to the inner-city patter of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Fun Scottish sayings and slang

bum’s oot the windae. –
Meaning: You’re talking nonsense!

heid’s full o’ mince.
Meaning: You’re talking nonsense!

talkin’ mince withoot a tattie in sight.
Meaning: Everything you say is nonsense!

at it.

Meaning: You’re talking nonsense/acting like a fool!

Scottish Celebs

Tennant, Karen Gillan, Rose Leslie, Billy Connolly, Richard Madden, Shaun

Here’s YouTube star Korean Billy with his… interesting take on Glaswegian

Brummie – Birmingham

low octaves and flattened vowels of the Brummie accent make it one of the most
easily recognised accents in the UK. The lingering tones, funny turns of phase
and gentle lilting sounds can be really relaxing and Brummies always sound
down-to-earth. We adore it!

Fun Brummie sayings and slang

See you later

got a roight cob on –
Meaning: She’s in a mood!

that down ya wazzin! –
Meaning: Get that down your neck!/drink this!

Skinner, Ozzy Osbourne, Adrian Chiles, Cat Deeley, Jasper Carrot.

Legendary comic Frank Skinner’s down-to-earth charm would certainly be lessened without his Brummie accent

Enjoy our look at some of the different British accents? Check out our list of 10 Very British Things too!


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