Snap Up Big Cash in Crocodile Bingo’s Daily Jackpot Games

Pay attention and look snappy roomies; Crocodile Bingo has some big jackpots waiting to be won and unlike most bingo jackpots, you won’t need to call house within an impossibly low-ball count – you just need to purchase your tickets into the game(s) and keep your fingers crossed – it’s as simple as that! But, the cherry on top of the cake? Tickets won’t cost you the earth! There’re some budget-busting bingo tickets on offer every day and you can even get your hands on some free bingo tickets, which reduces the cost even further!

Eager to know more? Then read on!

If you’re sitting on the fence and debating whether to jump into the croc-infested bingo waters at the site, then I’ll soften the impact by explaining the welcome offer; deposit as little as £10 and receive 120 bingo cards to the following bingo rooms, where games play from 10am until midnight:

  • Ticket to Ride: 75-ball bingo with prizes for 1TG and 2TG players
  • Just the Ticket: 75-ball bingo with a full house of £10
  • Golden Ticket: 90-ball bingo game with a £10 prize pool
  • Choo Choo Ticket: 5-line bingo games with £2 to be won in each line

Snappy Cash:

You’ll find two jackpots on Mondays, first being: What a Ripper, the 75-ball bingo game which kicks off at 9pm. The full house winner receives £500 and all non-winning tickets will share £1,000. Tickets cost 10p each. Monday’s second jackpot is: Down Under Dough, the 5-line bingo game which commences at 9.30pm. There are five chances to win £120 and tickets cost just 5p each.

Tuesday: The Dizzy Dingo is a 5-line bingo game which starts at 9pm. Win 100 bonus spins for each of the five lines – that’s a total of 500 bonus spins. Tickets cost 5p.

Wednesday: Dame Edna is a 75-ball bingo game which kicks off at 9pm – sharp! Full house prize is £250 and there is cash for loser too! All players waiting on one number (1TG) will share £150 and players waiting on two numbers (2TG) will share £100. Tickets cost 50p.

Thursday: The Waltzing Matilda is a 9pm, 90-ball bingo game with three prizes to be won. Win £250 for the full house, £150 for the two-lines and £100 for any one-line. Tickets will cost just 10p each.

Saturday: Didgeri-Dosh features three prizes in this 10pm special. A prize pool of £3,000 is awarded over the line, two-lines and full house. Tickets cost 50p each.

Sunday: Sunday Boomerang is another 75-ball bingo game starting at 9pm, but this time, tickets are free (to certain players). Win a share of £500 with cash for those waiting on 1TG and 2TG. Cards are free to players who have deposited within the last 6 days.

Did I miss Friday? Silly me! On Fridays and every day for that matter, the Great Galah jackpot game takes place at 7pm and runs right through until noon the following day. There’s over £1,000 in cash to be won every day and tickets cost just 5p! All prizes are in real cash with one exception; The Dizzy Dingo, purely because this game awards bonus spins instead of cash winnings.

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