We Found Out What Brits Get Up To When They Think No One Else Is Watching…From Dancing In Their Underwear To Chewing Their Own Toenails (Yes Really!)


Posted in Meccabingo | 19th March 2020

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Warning! We’ve been doing a little research and the results are not for the faint-hearted. We conducted a poll of 1,500 adults from across the UK to find out what people get up to when they think no one is watching…

During our digging we found out that nearly one in five adults admitted to having a good old pick of their nose, only to find someone was watching them the whole time – needless to say 57% said they were absolutely mortified. And we would hope so to!

Unsurprisingly, shouting at the TV, squeezing spots and flicking the V sign behind our partners’ backs also made it onto the list. Other stuff included drinking milk straight from the carton, practising our pouts in the mirror, and checking out our bums – pretty conservative compared to the nose pickers, wouldn’t you say?

Something we did find surprising was that over half of adults said they feel totally comfortable doing anything in front of their partner. So much so, four in ten said they would happily go to the loo in front of their other half and 31% wouldn’t flinch at chewing their toenails in front of their nearest and dearest. Vomit.

But don’t give up entirely on the human race just yet, 45% said they would be horrified if they caught their partner picking their nose and eating it – which we think is justified. One in seven said they have even dumped a partner in the past because they caught them doing something unsavoury #awks. Let’s leave it there shall we.

But if we’ve not given you enough gross habit to fill your boots you can see the full list below:


1. Re-adjust your underwear 44%
2. Pick your nose 42%
3. Shout at the TV 39%
4. Squeeze your spots 39%
5. Look at your tummy in the mirror 34%
6. Drink juice/milk straight from the carton 30%
7. Mime along to songs 29%
8. Dance around the room to the radio 29%
9. Pick your ears 26%
10. Pluck your eyebrows 25%
11. Pull faces in the mirror 20%
12. Dance around in your underwear 19%
13. Look at your bum in the mirror 17%
14. Examine your face with a magnified mirror 15%
15. Put two fingers up behind your partner’s back 14%
16. Do a special housework dance while dusting 14%
17. Admire your muscles in the mirror 9%
18. Pick your nose and eat it 9%
19. Take 100s of selfies 8%


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