Weird food combinations that taste delicious


cheddar cheese and fruit cake

Taste is a
complicated and personal thing. We’ve all got some secret, and not-so-secret,
food loves that sound totally gross combined that we just can’t get enough of.

Over the years, a
few have ‘come out’ and gone mainstream, whereas others are still considered
plain odd. And there are new, funky flavour combos popping up all the time.
There’s no end to the weird and wonderful things that people will create and

So, what do we think?
Well, we’ve shared a few of our top picks and a few newcomers you might want to
risk. Here goes… don’t judge us:

Chilli and chocolate

This one goes back
to the time of the Aztecs, around 400 BC, when ‘xocolatl’ (the origin of the
word ‘chocolate’) was believed to be a gift from the gods. The cocoa was turned
into a drink, with chilli added. Ever since then, chilli features a lot in
chocolate bars, deserts, hot drinks and even savoury dishes. The heat of the
chilli brings out the chocolate notes, adding an extra dimension. Love!

Strawberries and
balsamic vinegar

Another common
flavour pairing that you’ll see served up in restaurants is strawberry and
balsamic vinegar. The sticky, slightly sweet and sharp balsamic balances out
the fruitiness perfectly. It’s a pretty healthy combo too, if you don’t add
dollops of cream and shortbread (mmm) on the side, so tuck in to your heart’s

Cheddar and fruit

A winner with lots
of northern folk (coming from the Yorkshire region, originally), this is a bit
of a ploughman’s lunch combo. Sort of like chutney and cheese. The only debate
is whether to go for a crumbly Wensleydale versus a cheddar with your fruit
cake. We like both but think the cheddar works a bit better, especially if the
fruit cake is really packed full of sultanas and cherries. Delish!

Vanilla ice cream and
olive oil

This combo works
particularly well in the Mediterranean, on a sun lounger. If you can’t get the sun,
sea and sand part, then don’t worry; the sofa will do too! Use top notch
vanilla ice cream and good quality olive oil, sprinkled with some sea salt for
extra texture and flavour.

Salt and caramel

You’ll have seen it
all over the place and one thing’s for sure, this flavour union isn’t going out
of fashion anytime soon. Best alongside dark chocolate (whether in a truffle,
tart or ice cream sundae) the salt brings out the caramelly notes and results
in a match made in heaven. We don’t know who thought this one up, but we give
praise for it.

Bacon and egg ice

The great chef,
Heston Blumenthal, came up with this recipe and it’s had mixed opinions.
Breakfast-come-brunch-come-dessert in a cone. In theory, what’s not to love? If
the idea of it gets your heart racing, then maple-cured bacon works best,
complementing the sugary, creamy vanilla ice cream. Like so many things in
life, we can’t explain exactly why it works. It just does – for some of us

Chocolate and avocado

Controversial… if
this showed up on Facebook, we’d ‘like’ it but then ‘unlike’ it again soon
after. In a cake, it’s pretty good. The creamy avocado makes the sponge moist
and with the dark chocolate, you don’t taste the avocado that much. In a
milkshake, however, it gives us the jitters. Healthy? Yes. Especially if you
don’t add sugar to the cocoa. Maybe it’ll grow on us, once we’ve educated our
taste buds a little more. Why not avo-go?

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