Peter White Chats to Cait DeBaun, Senior Director, Strategic Communications & Responsibility at the American Gaming Association about the Responsible Gambling Collaborative

In mid-April of 2018, the American Gaming Association announced the formation of the Responsible Gambling Collaborative. Its stated mission is to “identify the programs and policies that best address responsible gaming and the prevention of problem gambling and hold government accountable for supporting proven, effective solutions.”

The RGC goal was to lobby for the proper allocation of governmental resources, preferably toward programs of proven efficacy. Participants range from Harvard University and the Yale School of Medicine, to the National Indian Gaming Association and the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers. Quite a prestigious line up. Keith Whyte, a recognized authority on disordered gambling and executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling lauded for “its diverse set of stakeholders,” calling the Collaborative “a unified approach to addressing problem gambling.”

The ongoing work of the Collaborative includes reviewing current responsible gaming regulations, examining the underlying and evidentiary premises of those regulations. The first major fruits of the Collaborative’s work were born early in 2020, when the AGA laid out a set of responsible-gaming best practices, a move widely hailed in the gaming industry. As International Center of Responsible Gaming Executive Director Russell Sanna put it, “No one party or way of thinking is ever enough to create transformative change. That’s why this group is so essential.”

What were the compelling reasons behind the formation of the Responsible Gambling Collaborative?

The Responsible Gambling Collaborative, established in 2018, is working to chart a new course on the complex issues of responsible and problem gambling. The collaborative, bringing together academics, researchers, problem gambling advocacy groups, and gambling industry organisations, is the first group of its kind in the United States and the AGA is proud to be a founding member.

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