Top 4 Advertising Networks for Online Gambling Player Acquisition

As an igaming business marketer, you must be well aware of the importance of reaching your potential players by all possible digital means. One of the most effective ways to be in the spotlight of your potential players is showing up on the websites they visit. But is it that easy to find advertising space on the website to get to the desired audience? 

Certainly, it’s not a piece of cake. Things get even more complicated when it comes to displaying gambling content. The reason lies in the perception of gambling. Though many casino and sportsbook websites are legitimate and fine, there are still websites that do not want to get associated with gambling. Digital advertising networks can smooth the situation out remarkably. They help online gambling professionals to skip the lengthy process of searching for websites with gambling ad publishing spaces. Instead, digital advertising networks make it possible for online casino or sportsbook operators to make use of their large pool of publisher's websites. Let’s take a closer look at digital advertising networks and how they can benefit your igaming business?


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Global Casinos Market Reports Indicates Steady Growth


A study by Market Research Inc. has recently completed its detailed analysis of the current size, shape, and likely future trajectory of the online gambling industry. Called the Global Casino Market Report Forecast 2019-2025, this document takes great interest in a range of connected areas. These cover measures such as examinations by device, region, type, and segment forecasts.

Source: Pexels

This report lists the accepted value of the total global online casino size in 2018 as $48.52 billion. During the 2019 to 2025 period, their analysis has predicted a total compound annual growth rate of 11.5%. This growth, as explored, is thought to be due to the several key features.

The first of these comes from the greater ease of access which is enabled through improving mobile connectivity. Mobile ubiquity has seen commensurate growth alongside the online casino market, and this further penetration is reported to continue this trend. As the ease of online connectivity still improves with each passing year, and the relative cost of this engagement drops, the prediction is that past growth should remain mostly predictable. Unreliable mobile networks have already been highlighted as the biggest challenge facing operators, so improvements in this area are pivotal.

While all different types of these gambling systems forecast growth, the proportion of this growth is not evenly distributed. It is general casino games and sports betting which the report claims are best primed for expansion, while poker, bingo, and other games will see comparatively lower overall levels of development.

Source: Pixabay

Of similar importance within this report are details on recent innovations, major events, and the global distribution of different forms of gaming. By taking into account regional differences, and their place within micro and major markets, they anticipate different approaches depending on the given physical or digital locations.

As one of the largest studies of the online gambling sphere in recent years, expect this report to generate heavy interest and influence among many major casino operators. The most likely changes here will likely relate to existing online casinos adopting higher levels of sports betting adoption, though it also raises questions as to the future of brick-and-mortar establishments.

The relevance of this study within South Africa's own gambling sector cannot be understated. A 2009 NGB report concluded that, at the time, roughly 29% of South African's engaged in some form of gaming. With all the different forms combined, this contributed to around 1% to SA's total GDP, or around $3.4 billion.

Since mobile use has expanded significantly since 2009, as has mobile gambling integration, this would suggest a growing contribution in the years to come. At this point, South Africa has around 22 million active smartphones, which is expected to grow to 26.3 million by 2023. Therefore, catering to mobile access is continuing to increase in importance for websites and many different online casino services both in South Africa and abroad lean on this idea in order to ease accessibility, bringing with them additional bonuses such as free spins and deposit matches to stand out in a competitive market.

It is entirely possible that given these shown trends, we could see a greater number of traditional parlors expanding their businesses into the online front. So far, many casinos have been reticent to mix these two arms of the casino business, but the growing importance of online opportunities could be the final push many traditional casinos need.

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News – Spine-Tingling Prizes to be Won at Butlers Bingo this Month

Spooktacular Halloween Treats: Here’s What’s Going on at Butlers Bingo this October (2019)

Written by:
Kayleigh White
on 15/10/2019 07:05

Butlers Bingo Logo

Play This Site Now 

Mr. Suave has a frightfully good selection of promotions to sink your teeth into this month and there’s no trickery involved. The cash is flowing freely this October and to get in on the action, all you need to do is play the stated games on the stated days and hey presto – you stand a chance of winning some spook-tacular cash.

No eye of newt or toe of frog here, just hocus pocus bingo games packed with plenty of chances to win. Each day from now until October 21st in the networked Friendship bingo room, 20 daubing games will take place and each game features a £500 ‘daily stop on win community jackpot’ too, which means even more chances to win!

Win Bonus Spins and Progressive Jackpots

Over to the spinner room now and between 5pm and 11pm each evening, Butlers Bingo are dishing out the bonus spins and progressive bingo jackpots starting at £750! Get a full house in 45 numbers of less and this jackpot is all yours. Tickets start from 11p each and there’s a chance to bag a jackpot every 30-minutes…

…plus keep your eyes open for the special super spin games as this is your chance to win a share of a stack bonus spins in each game. Over the course of the three lines (90-ball bingo), 300 bonus spins will be won, and you can use your spins on a variety of slots including some of Microgaming’s most popular titles; the stunning Aurora Wilds has only recently been added.

Make a Note of These Dates

The big £50K weekender is back and to celebrate, Butlers Bingo is hosting a series of games where £50,000 is guaranteed to be won. From 25th to 27th October, the bingo games with guaranteed prize pools will commence between 11am and 11pm – you’d be mad to miss them especially when tickets start at just 5p each.

Want in? Sure you do! Make a note of the weekend schedule, so as not to miss out:

  • Friendship Room:
  • £12,750 guaranteed on Friday
  • £12,750 guaranteed on Saturday
  • £12,750 guaranteed on Sunday
  • Sapphire Room:
  • £2,000 guaranteed on Friday
  • £2,000 guaranteed on Saturday
  • £2,000 guaranteed on Sunday
  • Rainbow Room:
  • £2,000 guaranteed on Friday
  • £2,000 guaranteed on Saturday
  • £2,000 Guaranteed on Sunday

Last but not least is the pumpkin smash promo where 30 games will be played each day between 28th October and 2nd November. If you’re willing to give it a bash, there’s a guaranteed prize pool of more than £4000 to be won, plus, there are those ‘daily stop on win community jackpots’ worth £500 up for grabs too…

…and that ball count will increase throughout the day to ensure there’s a winner – the cash is just crying out to be won and all you need to do is make a deposit join in.

All these promotions are running alongside the many free games already on offer.

Terms and conditions apply

Play This Site Now 


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Don’t Miss Out on This Bingo Exclusive for Charity at Pink Ribbon

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month – the worldwide annual campaign where thousands of organisations get involved to highlight the importance of breast awareness, education and research. During October every year, Breast Cancer Now; the charity who aims to support anyone affected by cancer, tries to get as many people involved in raising awareness as news-herothey possibly can…

…and you can do your bit by simply playing bingo! That’s right, no need to get your running shoes on to contribute because every bingo ticket you buy over at Pink Ribbon will have the same effect.

For more than two decades now, the site has been donating profits made by the site to their partner charity; Against Breast Cancer and they were the very first bingo site to do this! Players can enjoy playing bingo and slots like they normally would, but the only difference is a share of the profits will go directly to a worthy cause. There is no extra cost to the player whatsoever.

Bingo Exclusive:

New customers who register with Pink Ribbon Bingo this month will receive a lavish welcome offer; a deposit bonus of up to £50 with 60 bonus spins! Use promo code: B2B and make a difference today by helping to fight cancer every time you play.

About Against Breast Cancer:

Duo Dr Anthony Leathem and his wife Patricia founded the charity in the UK back in 1993 with the aim of finding a vaccine again breast cancer. Fast forward almost three decades and Against Breast Cancer are funding pioneering research into new treatments, tools for earlier diagnosis and advice to reduce the risk of recurrence and secondary spread.

The charity wants to increase the survival rates of all breast cancer patients by working closely with expert scientists with the end goal being to discover a vaccine against breast cancer (hence the charity name).

Don’t Ignore the Signs!

The earlier breast cancer is diagnosed, the better the chances of successful treatment, so always check your breasts as often as you can. If you notice a change, consult your GP as soon as you can, but do you know what the common breast cancer signs and symptoms are? It’s always important to know what you’re looking out for, so if you notice any of the changes below, book an appointment for your doctor:

  • a lump or swelling in the breast, upper chest or armpit – you might feel the lump but not see it
  • a change to the skin, such as puckering or dimpling
  • a change in the color of the breast – the breast may look red or inflamed
  • a change to the nipple, for example, it has become pulled in (inverted)
  • rash or crusting around the nipple
  • any unusual liquid (discharge) from either nipple
  • changes in size or shape of the breast

Pain on its own is not indicative of breast cancer, but the pain that that is there all or most of the time should be addressed.

Terms and conditions apply

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