Huge Prizes – Real Cash Prizes Up for Grabs (But Where?)


What do we want? Big Cash. When do we want it? NOW! We all want to win big, it’s the one thing that unites us as a bingo community. Not everyone can win big, but the opportunity to do so is there. Whether you’re spinning the slots or dabbing the bingo tickets, there is a chance (albeit a slim one!) of landing a hefty win.

There are literally hundreds of places you could play to win big, but who has the time to go checking each and every one of those sites to determine who’s got the biggest cash? Nobody! Unless you’re bored (like me!) and have nothing better to do.

So, guess what I’ve been up to this morning? Mug of coffee in hand, I took to the web to fish out the very best bingo and slots jackpots just for our readers. I should point out that the jackpots may have gone by the time you read this, but I doubt it. If they have, the good news is they’ll have more up and running in their place.

Totally Buzzing:

There’s a huge buzz in the air over at Buzz Bingo as players rush to grab their tickets into the Bingo Millions draw. This is bingo, but not how you know it! The top prize jackpot starts at a whopping £1.5million and tickets are just 50p each or you can buy 5 and get one free.

Draws commence every Wednesday and Saturday at 10pm and there are additional cash prizes and free bingo tickets on offer too! Yet to join this wager-free online bingo site? Receive £40 in bonuses and 10 free games when you make your first deposit!

Scream and Mecca Lot of Noise:

If there’s one thing Mecca Bingo do well, it’s jackpots. Their Facebook page is crammed with the latest big winners (promotions, quizzes and news!). Bingo premier jackpots are exclusive to the brand and see jackpots of over £70K being won and these prizes are available alongside the full house prizes – every day!

Daily jackpot games deliver more than just a dose of excitement, what with multiple millions on offer. Last year, more than £2.6m was won by Mecca Bingo players, and that was only from the Red Tiger ‘got to go’ slots. There are many, many more with their own jackpots on offer.

Go Green with Envy:

If we were to rate Mr Green Bingo based on his types of bingo games, he wouldn’t score much more than a 5. As sad as it is, he’s not a global sensation for his balls – bingo balls, he’s an award-winning online casino and he’s gained quite a reputation for his bulging jackpots!

From Red Tiger Gaming slots with hourly and daily jackpots guaranteed, to mega jackpots – he has it all! The mighty Hall of Gods by NetEnt with more than £1.7million up for grabs and Live Casino Hold’em with its pot of £2.6million are proving to be quite popular at the moment.


Whip out your mobile, swipe and tap your way to mFortune to play for one of many different bulging prize pots! The top 5 jackpots in the slots department are sitting pretty (and growing by the minute!), just waiting to be won.

  • Cat & Mouse is bulging with more than £537K
  • Snakes & Ladders is smashing the £16K mark
  • Witch Witch will leave you seeing double with its £55K pot
  • Buster Safe trails slightly with £52K
  • Vegas Vegas has a lavish offering of just over £50K

Make your way over to the bingo rooms and if you can mark your numbers within 35 numbers or less, you could win anything up to £101K! The Diamond room is where the biggest cash is at, so you may want to head there first!

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Mecca Grand Night In: over £50,000 to be won!


Hold on to your hats, everybody, because we’ve got some
rather grand bingo coming your way this Saturday. It’s our Super Grand Night In,
and there’s a whopping £50,000 to be won!

You heard us right, we’re holding a three-hour bingo
extravaganza on Saturday 30th May. We’ve got 30 (yes, 30!) £1,000 full house
games for you, plus thousands to be won in features and other prizes, and an
extra special £10,000 full house final game!

It’s set to be an awesome evening of bingo, and with tickets
from just 10p you’d be crazy not to join in! Here are the details of our big Mecca Bingo bonanza.

Grand Night In: What you need to know

We’ll be kicking off the evening at 7pm, but you can join any time over the three hours of games. When you’re ready, head to Main Event, Legs 11 or 2 Little Ducks for our £1,000 full house games between 7pm and 10pm.

Tickets cost just 10p, and as well as the big full house
prize, there’s a £25 prize for 1 line, £50 for 2 lines, and £115 in other
prizes to be won in every game. We’ll be hosting 30 of these games across the three
rooms – that’s 30 chances to win a £1,000 full house!

But if it’s really big money you’re after, join us at 10pm for our bumper £10,000 full house game! This will take place in Main Event Bingo, as well as Penny Lane, 2 Little Ducks, Legs 11 and Lucky for Some.

As well as the fantastic full house fortune, there’s £325 up
for grabs for the 1 line winner and a whopping £600 for the 2 line winner.
There’ll also be some £3,500 up for grabs in features and other prizes
throughout the game, so there’s plenty of chances to bag a win!

Tickets are just 10p for this game too, so grab yours and join
the fun. Who needs to go out when you can have a Grand Night In with us? We’ll
see you there!

Remember to keep it fun

We’re here to help you keep it fun – remember to set your deposit limit. Read more details on the Safer Gambling tools available, including reality checks and the ability to take a break from your gaming. ​

We’ve also made it even easier to find our Safer Gambling
tools from the home page of our website and there’s loads of information
available at GamCare. You can also call the National Gambling Helpline, 24
hours a day, 7 days a week on Freephone 0808 8020 133.​

Share your thoughts with us

Will you be joining us for our Grand Night In? With 30
chances to win a grand, plus our £10,000 full house, have you thought about what
you’d do if you were a winner? Let us know in the comments below!


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National Biscuit Day: the world’s favourite biscuits


Who doesn’t love a biscuit? Whether it’s dunked in tea or
enjoyed on its own, the humble biscuit is a staple of pretty much every British

So, it’s no surprise that we have a whole day dedicated to
the sweet treat. National Biscuit Day is on 29th May each year, and here at Mecca Bingo we’re taking a look at some
of the nation’s favourite biscuits – and some of those from around the world.

So, which is the best biscuit? It’s a debate that rages on
in homes up and down the country. Bourbon or custard cream? Digestive or
hobnob? And don’t even get us started on the whole is-a-Jaffa-Cake-a-biscuit

UK’s number 1: McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Digestive

In a result that surprised no one, a recent YouGov survey
found this digestive delight to be the nation’s number 1. Some 81% of people
said the chocolate digestive was their favourite, and who can blame them?

The digestive is a good size and has the perfect ratio of
chocolate to crumbly biscuit. And when it comes to dunking, this bad boy can be
submerged a few times before losing any structural integrity. And that’s really
all we ask from a biscuit!

The rest of the top 5

The same YouGov poll showed that we Brits really do love a
digestive, as the Cadbury Milk Chocolate Digestive came in at number 3, while
McVitie’s Original Digestive – originally created way back 1892 – scraped in at
number 5.

In at second place, perhaps surprisingly, was the Cadbury
Finger. This slim chocolate-coated biscuit probably isn’t a staple in most
British homes, but it seems we can’t get enough of them. But it’s
understandable – have you ever tried to eat just one?

But perhaps the most controversial entry into the top 5 was
– you guessed it – the Jaffa Cake. A 1991 court case ruled that the Jaffa Cake
should be considered a cake for tax purposes, but that hasn’t stopped the
debate raging on. We’re not going be drawn into the argument, but you wouldn’t
dunk it in a cuppa, would you?

Australia’s number 1: Tim Tam

Our friends down under have just as much of a biscuit
obsession as we do, and a whole range of different treats to tuck into. Trust
us, if you haven’t been Australia, don’t go for the weather or the wildlife or
the incredible scenery. Go for the biscuits.

And the Aussies’ favourite has to be the Tim Tam. If you’ve
not heard of the Tim Tam, it’s essentially the same as a Penguin – but so much
better. We don’t know what the biscuit boffins down under have done, but it’s a
taste sensation that far outweighs our bird equivalent.

One of the reasons for the Tim Tam’s popularity is the Tim
Tam Slam. This is a technique where you bite off opposing corners of the Tim
Tam, then use it as a makeshift straw to suck tea through the middle of the
biscuit. It’s as delicious as it sounds. Don’t believe us? Give it a try with a
Penguin, and thank us later.

America’s number 1: Oreo

Biscuits – or ‘cookies’ as our American friends say – don’t
hold quite the same cultural significance stateside that they do over here. But
that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of brilliant biccies to choose from.

The most popular is, of course, the Oreo. Introduced in
1912, the Oreo has broken out of its home country and can now be found around
the world. And thank goodness! This cream-filled chocolate biscuit sandwich has
a unique, beautifully sweet taste that’s hard to beat.

And while it might not go great with a cup of tea, this is a
biscuit made for milk. So grab a glass and get dunking!

What’s your favourite?

What would your top 5 biscuits be? Are you crazy for custard
creams? Or gaga for a garibaldi? Tell us your favourites in the comments
section below, and let’s find out what the best biscuit is once and for all!


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The Big Mecca Quiz – Chris Hughes Week 4


Posted in Big Mecca Quiz Celebrity Meccabingo | 29th May 2020

These are sad times.

Last Wednesday night was the last outing for the amazing Chris Hughes hosting our Big Mecca Quiz. At least for the time being anyway.

This week, we were back to General Knowledge and we all had some fun along the way.

Once again there were lots of prizes so don’t forget to check below to see if you were a winner.

But we don’t want to stay sad for too long because Chris is being replaced next week by non other than Vicky Patterson – woop woo!!

Prize Winner
1 x £75 Amazon voucher Lauren Dyson
1 x £75 Amazon voucher Billie Gray
1 x £75 Amazon voucher Samantha Swann
1 x £75 Amazon voucher Jodie Marie Moss
1 x £75 Amazon voucher Russell Giblin
1 x £75 Amazon voucher Kerry Wilson
1 x £75 Amazon voucher Gemma Kirk
1 x £75 Amazon voucher Courtney Louise Stojanovic
1 x £75 Amazon voucher Jade McQueen
1 x £75 Amazon voucher Pauline Farmer
1 x £200 Supermarket Shopping voucher Claire Louise Coppack


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Many Games from Leading Providers Debut [Are they All Slots?]


It’s been a busy old week for the iGaming industry as slots fly off the shelves and onto our screens. Themes of those games range from iconic video console gaming to adventure, nostalgic gameplay to a revamped classic and as for bonuses, you’ll just have to wait and see!

The first ‘addition’ comes from Microgaming and while we can’t exactly call it new, it does offer a new ‘revamped’ layout. Immortal Romance has been a firm favourite with the gaming community since its launch back in December 2011, but over the years, its appearance has become dated.

An 800-year old vampire many not show signs of ageing, but…

…the slot machine does. So, what did the Isle of Man based software provider do? They put pen to paper to reinject some life (pardon the pun!) into the reel engine. The exclusive bonuses, pays, stories and theme may be identical to that of the original, but the layout is more suited to mobile devices now.

Andrew Clucas, Chief Operating Officer at Microgaming couldn’t wait to tell us about the changes:

“In today’s gaming landscape, it is imperative that we continue to strive to ensure that our entire casino offering remains at the top of its game – so while we will continue to provide quality game releases every month, we are also enhancing and optimising our current offering, such as our popular classics and feature-rich games, so as to bring players even more enjoyable and entertaining gaming experiences.

Immortal Romance remains one of our most popular online slot games of all time. The remastered upgrades enhance and pay homage to our Immortal Romance brand, which continues to be enjoyed by players around the world.”

Two’s Company, Three’s Perfect:

Pragmatic Play are showing us this week that there is no end to their talents with not one, but three new online casino releases. First up is a thrilling live casino game with no dealer! That’s right, the new Auto-Roulette is beamed directly from their state-of-the-art studio in Bucharest, all with sophisticated features.

All the usual elements are offered – hot and cold numbers, ball history, betting options of European Roulette as well as a chat feature. Dazzling lights and customisable camera angles put you in the heart of the action.

A brand-new instalment to the popular John Hunter series emerged and now sees the loveable explorer trying his best to uncover the treasure of a forgotten king. John Hunter and the Book of Tut bears all the hallmarks of its predecessor, only it delivers a slot more pays.

Hot to Burn is the third game to fly off the conveyor belt with its classic setup. Iconic sevens grace the 5-reel engine with a mighty multiplier behind them. Enjoy a touch of vintage gameplay across all devices with no downloading of apps required.

It’s a KO!

A few months ago, we were teased of an upcoming release from NetEnt, one that would send us back to 90’s, and now, that game is here! Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot is the latest branded creation from the Swedish software provider, and it is kick-ass stuff!

Transforming one of the world’s best-selling arcade games of all time has afforded the gaming community access to a remarkable and unique slot, one that is every bit as fun as Capcom’s video game franchise.

“In developing Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot™ we felt a huge responsibility to ensure our slot game lived up to the iconic 90s original – a videogame which has continued to entertain fans for almost 30 years!

Authenticity was critical factor to the design of this game, from the arcade-inspired art and sounds to the game mechanics, as well as the Beat the Bosses and Car Smashing bonus rounds. We designed the game to fuel players’ nostalgic competitiveness throughout the gameplay. We are immensely proud of the end product and we hope players all over the world appreciate it.” – Bryan Upton, NetEnt Director of Games.


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5 Twitch Streamers of Casino Games to Follow in 2020


Image: Wikimedia Commons

Twitch casino sTwitch is widely considered the number-one portal for live streaming of online gaming in all its various guises. That includes casino gaming too. There is a rapidly growing community of online casino fans who tune in to Twitch to watch the biggest personalities sample new and exciting casino games and embark on epic challenges.treamers are in high demand from newbies and experienced players alike. Newcomers will watch these live streams to learn about the basics of video slot and table game action, which will help them to feel less daunted when playing on their own. Meanwhile experienced gamers will seek the advice and expertise of casino streamers on Twitch to point them in the direction of new slot releases and table game variants to switch up their gameplay.

If you have a Twitch account and you are interested in following the biggest experts and personalities in the casino streaming niche, check out the top five Twitch accounts for the world of iGaming below:

1. LetsGiveItASpin

Image: Twitter

Swedish streamer Kim Hultman is the brains behind LetsGiveItASpin. His stream is undoubtedly one of the most professional in the Twitch casino streaming community. With a bold personality and exceptional knowledge of the online casino scene, Hultman has also established the CasinoGrounds community, which recently played host to Hultman’s heart-warming and ground-breaking 24-hour charity slot stream. Kim raised €47,715 in donations for the World Health Organization’s (WHO) COVID-Solidarity Response Fund.

2. CasinoDaddy

Like Kim Hultman’s LetsGiveItASpin account, CasinoDaddy is another Swedish channel focused on casino games as well as poker. Unlike the other accounts listed in this article, CasinoDaddy involves not one but three streamers – three brothers to be exact. This account focuses particularly on high-stakes gaming, which makes for an entertaining watch for sure. Even if you don’t like playing at those stakes it’s still fascinating to watch others play for the big bucks.

3. Jarttu84

Finnish Twitch casino streamer Jarttu84 is the biggest streaming export out of Finland. His videos have been watched millions of times. He is one of the more aggressive personalities on the scene, with his dislike for other streamers in the community well known. Nevertheless, he is someone who likes to place high-stakes wagers on video slots and table games which keeps things fast-paced and adrenaline-fuelled.

4. Stop & Step

British slot fanatic Darren is another endearing Twitch streamer with a massive YouTube following too (66,000 and growing). Darren lives and breathes slot titles and has been videoed playing in bingo halls, land-based and online casinos in search of the massive jackpots. He streams live four times a week, often in search of the biggest slot bonuses, randomizing his slot gameplay as he goes.

5. David Labowsky

Don't load up David Labowsky's Twitch stream in search of bold, brash and charismatic casino streams. Instead, David offers a more considered and measured approach to slot gameplay. With around 20,000 Twitch followers, his genuine personality has seen many viewers sideline the more outlandish streamers in favor of people like David. Despite being relatively laid-back, Labowsky does play for big bucks at times, but handles wins and losses with equal passion to show that it's possible to have fun with slots, win or lose.




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